Learn more about our finishes

By ordering your custom parts from Batchforce, you can expect that all ordered parts can be delivered quickly and are completely within specifications.

Our Manufacturing Partners turn and mill according to your 3D CAD file, possibly supplemented with a 2D drawing. When it comes to post-treatments, we guarantee a beautiful finish, with a standard choice of 10 most requested. If the desired post-treatment is not listed, you are even able to enter it as a custom. This can be black oxidation, hard chrome, but also, for example, a quench polish quench (QPQ) finish. So there is no need to deburr or anodize yourself.

Parts requiring post-treatment are often manufactured and finished with the same fast turnaround times as without post-treatment.

Standard finishes

As machinedCase Hardening
DeburringHeat Treatment
Anodising StandardTempering
Anodising HardcoatCustom