Learn more about delivery options

What is your delivery speed?

As a customer you have influence in the delivery speed. When placing the quotation request, you can determine the desired delivery time. This can be a range, but also a hard date.

Will I get finishing certs if my parts are made in China?

Yes this is possible, please indicate in advance to our service team via [email protected] By default, no material certificates are requested.

Is there a quality difference in parts that are made in the Netherlands vs parts that are made in e.g. China?

No. All parts of Batchforce comply with Batchforce production standards, regardless of country of origin. All parts will ship back to Batchforce for our in-house quality inspection.

Does Batchforce pay import duties and taxes?

Yes. Import duties and taxes are included in the part price. You do not have to pay any extra hidden costs.

Does Batchforce inspect parts from Asia?

Yes. All parts made in Asia (regardless of country of origin) will go through a Batchforce in-house quality inspection before being shipped to the customer.